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SuperGeo offers a set of comprehensive solutions to build applications with GIS functions and features highly professional.

The products of the platform SuperGeo 3.1 cover the entire flow of spatial data management: from the collection in the field of publishing and sharing over the network.

Among the products of the basic desktop GIS, GIS and the Mobile SDK to develop your applications both desktop and mobile. Server-side software are available for the WebMapping, Server GIS, GIS and on-line Network Server.

If you are interested in distributing Supergeo in your area go to the reseller page.

Choose the environment that you wish to explore.

Server GIS
Server GIS is employed to distribute GIS services via Internet to support Web, desktop, and mobile applications across organizations.
Mobile GIS
Various cost-effective mobile GIS applications are available to improve productivity with high accuracy and reliability during field surveys.
Desktop GIS
SuperGIS Desktop offers plenty tools for you to visualize, process, analyze, and manage a variety of geospatial data effectively.