Geoconnect is a specialist GNSS Dealer and offers Rugged Computing and Software Solutions

VicMap Position – GPSnet

Vicmap Position – GPSnet™ is a positioning and navigation correction service for Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) users, throughout Victoria, Australia, and has two components:







SmartnetAus Network RTK Corrections

Geoconnect has a variety of GIS Mapping and Surveying grade Subscriptions available, including Nation-wide and State-wide service.  Annual subscriptions are available for the heavy user and a range of monthly and hourly subscriptions for the casual or project users.

Our services are available 24/7 through secure NTRIP connections and are open to all data formats (RTCMv3.x,RTCMv2.x, CMR, etc), offering a GNSS RTK solution to anyone in the precision measurement marketplace.

Our real-time services are built on the powerful GNSS Spider software, providing high-precision, high-availabilityRTK corrections for any application, using any constellation – and it is available to everyone. GNSS Spider makes life easy for the user through its Nearest Base and Automatic Cell technologies, all the user has to do is choose to use either a single base or network RTK solution, and Spider does the rest!  By using the user’s approximate position, Spider can select the best base station(s) to use and optimise the RTK corrections for the rover’s current location.