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Ashtech History


Sercel an electronics company in France starts the radiopositioning business using land based UHF transmiters at the time.

NAVSTAR (Navigation System with Timing And Ranging), now known as GPS (Global Positioning System), launched by U.S. Department of Defense.

About Ashtech

The Company ASHTECH has a solid reputation as the manufacturer of the world’s leading precision GPS and GPS+GLONASS products for positioning, guidance, navigation, and timing with a wide range of solutions for diverse applications in science, education, government, industry and commerce.

What is Blade

What is BLADE?
Ashtech invests heavily in the development of cutting-edge technology to further strengthen its position as a leading designer and developer of precision positioning technology. Recent developments have produced greater product integration and progressive augmentations to GPS/GNSS. These advances are apparent in the latest line of professional products including the new Ashtech BLADE™ Technology.