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About Ashtech

The Company ASHTECH has a solid reputation as the manufacturer of the world’s leading precision GPS and GPS+GLONASS products for positioning, guidance, navigation, and timing with a wide range of solutions for diverse applications in science, education, government, industry and commerce.

Technology Advancement Ashtech invests heavily in the development of cutting-edge technology to further strengthen its position as a leading designer and developer of precision positioning technology. Recent developments have produced greater product integration and progressive augmentations to GPS/GNSS. These advances are apparent in the latest line of professional products including the ProFlex, ProMark and the MobileMapper ranges.

Target Markets Ashtech GPS/GNSS receivers are designed specifically for use in high-performance applications such as land and marine surveying, civil engineering, GIS data collection, machine control, construction, dredging, geodesy, meteorology, forestry, avionics, transportation, asset tracking, oil & gas research, ground vehicle navigation, and other geo-positioning/geo-referencing applications.