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Server GIS

The platform Supergeo has various solutions that allow GIS Server to distribute maps, models and tools via the network Web

The GIS Server component is seamlessly integrated into the workflow for both Desktop and Mobile where you can both display data / maps that exchange / update the same from remote clients.

The platform consists of SuperGIS Server GIS Server versions Value and Standard and extension Network Server.

Proposed Solutions

SuperGIS Server provides the ability to create, manage, and distribute GIS services over the internet supporting desktop applications, mobile and web mapping. It delivers web services standards and OGC KML network link.

SuperGIS Network Server provides enhanced data analysis network (eg road graph) via web services. The analysis tools are implemented at the network server so it is not necessary to install additional software on the clients specific GIS.

SuperGIS Image Server gives you the capabilities to manage, produce, and exploit large numbers of imagery and rasters. It immensely simplifies image management by allowing users to easily publish large image collections.

SuperWebGIS, the internet map server software, can help organizations to deliver dynamic maps and GIS data via the Web. With the ubiquitous internet, the spatial data can be shared without limitation.