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Utili FinderA unique, easy to use locator system

Key benefits

  • Simple and standard method of use
  • Responds only to the Utili-Gen signal, conducted onto buried electricity cables and safety bonded conductive utilities where present
  • No operator controls or adjustments
  • Simple grid pattern search, detection and marking
  • Automatic locating at the highest visual and audio reading, no adjustment or controls
  • Proximity warning for close hazards from shallow buried cables
  • Built-in functional test, Allows operators or hire fleet operators to test the Utili-Trace hardware and software functionality prior to use

The Utili-Gen unit creates and conducts a detectable signal into electricity cables and, where present, this signal also conducts to other safety earth bonded utility services.

The exterior and remote earth at the electricity substation results in electrical current flow of the Utili-Gen signal. This current flow produces an electromagnetic Utili-Gen signal that is radiated from all the underground conductive and any safety earth connected conductive utilities.

Utili-Trace is designed to specifically detect and filter the Utili-Gen signal using latest Digital Signal Processing techniques. The LCD bargraph display and audio indicator automatically adjust to the detected signal, this enables the user to locate and pinpoint each buried utility

Non-conductive utility materials such as plastic PE water and gas pipes or sewerage drains are will not normally carry the Utili-Gen signal and are not expected to be detected. In some circumstances, due to water impurities or where there the  drain is full these pipes may become slightly conductive and a weak but detectable Utili-Gen signal may also be present.