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Upgraded SuperGIS Data Management Tools

SuperGeo Technologies, a global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, introduces the newest SuperGIS Data Management tools including SuperGIS DataManager 3.1, SuperGIS DataConvertor 3.1, and SuperGIS DataRectifier 3.1. These enhanced SuperGIS Data management tools will be built in SuperGIS Desktop 3.1.






SuperGIS DataManager 3.1 is a map data management tool supporting diverse formats of vector and raster data, such as GEO, SHP, DXF, DWG, DGN, ECW, SID, TIF, JPEG, etc. Featuring improved efficiency of GIS management, SuperGIS DataManager 3.1 enables users to freely copy, preview, and delete the existing layers.

With SuperGIS DataConvertor 3.1, users can convert the vector data or image data into the specified format that is defined by SuperGeo Technologies. In this new version, TIN and NRT formats are increased to support SuperGIS 3D Analyst 3.0 and SuperGIS Network Analyst 3.0 separately. SuperGIS DataRectifier 3.1 provides vector and image data rectifying functions. Users can apply vector or image layers with correct Geodic Datum values to rectify the data without real coordinate values by 6-parameters conversion method. The new version of SuperGIS DataRectifier 3.1 brings greater stability when processing data rectification.

For manipulation, these new SuperGIS Data Management tools require SuperGIS Desktop 3.1. After completing the installation of SuperGIS Desktop 3.1, users can freely run the features of SuperGIS DataManager 3.1, SuperGIS DataConvertor 3.1 and SuperGIS DataRectifier 3.1.