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T41 Data Collector

Spectra Precision T41 data collector – This rugged, powerful, connected and compact new data collector offers high performance with a high-resolution outdoor readable display. The slim, ergonomic design is easy to hold and enables all-day use. A new capacitive touch-screen protected by Gorilla® Glass provides intuitive and responsive finger-tip touch capability. The T41™ handheld has 3.75G cellular data capabilities for use with VRS networks, plus cellular voice and SMS capabilities. The 8-megapixel camera can be set to automatically include time and location data from the integrated GPS receiver. The T41 data collector includes a capable 1 GHz processor with 512 MB RAM to support large data sets. Spectra Precision T41 is offered with Survey Pro™ field software, Spectra Precision’s leading survey field data collection application.

• Layout Pro Field and Office software – Built for construction layout applications, the Spectra Precision Layout Pro™ software is easy-to use and designed for optimum productivity on the construction site. Together with its integrated office software application, Layout Pro equips a construction foreman with the tools needed to efficiently translate a design into reality on the ground. Layout Pro supports on-board operation on the Spectra Precision FOCUS® 8 and Nikon® Nivo™ C mechanical total stations. The Spectra Precision Nomad™ data collector with Layout Pro supports operation with the Spectra Precision FOCUS 6, Nikon Nivo M and the Nikon DTM-322 instruments.

• Survey Basic software for total stations – While a large touch-screen interface provides superior visualization of a surveying job including the potential for color map display, many customers prefer the simplicity of a traditional button-based user interface. Spectra Precision now offers users the simplicity of a familiar interface with the addition of a color map display and touch-screen convenience. Survey Basic software is available on all Spectra Precision FOCUS 8 and Nikon Nivo C instruments.