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SuperPAD 3


SuperPad 3 is a full-function mobile GIS application. It comes with SuperPad and SuperPad Studio.

SuperPad 3 comes with SuperPad, full-function mobile GIS software, and SuperPad Studio, the development framework to customize SuperPad.

SuperPad contains the powerful and complete GIS functions as well as a superior C/P ratio to help field-based personnel to collect, edit, display and measure spatial data at a reasonable budget. The highly flexible development environment and diversified extensions enable you to create an ideal platform and solve more demands during field tasks. Moreover, SuperPad allows synchronizing the data with enterprise server to improve your work efficiency.










With SuperPad, you can:

  • Fulfill reliable and accurate field data collection.
  • Perform various advanced field tasks effortlessly.
  • Integrate GPS and digital camera into a GIS data collection.
  • Synchronize field data from enterprise server.
  • Customize diverse functions to improve the productivity of your work.


Designed to be easy to use, SuperPad 3 gives powerful mobile GIS capabilities for mobile GIS applications and tasks.New User InterfaceThe brand new user interface of SuperPad 3 not only makes the best use of the limited screen of mobile devices but also remains the adequate space for map display. Consequently, you are able to collect and edit the spatial data in a more human operation environment. In addition, the new tool group design enables you to switch the toolbar buttons among different groups to improve the working efficiency.Smart Editing ToolbarThe new Smart Editing Toolbar in SuperPad 3 is the aided tool for feature edits. Smart Editing Toolbar contains numerous edit tools, such as screen lock, undo, redo, etc. The data will be saved after you commit the edits. Thus, it will be more convenient for users to view the changes of the features, and the time for repeatedly writing the data to the file also can be reduced to raise the editing efficiency.
Map Display with Plentiful ContentsSuperPad 3 contains nearly one hundred types of feature symbols and compasses to provide users with more choices of symbols. Moreover, SuperPad 3 enhances the performance of the tools for editing features and labels. Consequently, users are allowed to add the appropriate symbols and labels on the mobile devices to display the map perfectly.
Enhanced GPS Supports

GPS has been one of the field surveyors’ essential equipments. SuperPad 3 provides various GPS functions, facilitating surveyors to navigate with GPS, add waypoints, etc. Thus, field workers are able to recognize the current position and collect the spatial data promptly. The new GPS status bar in SuperPad 3 displays the details of current GPS; you can set the appearance of the status bar to display the GPS information and status more clearly.

Perfect Integration with Enterprise Server Software

SuperPad 3 supports the integration with SuperGIS Server 3. SuperPad 3.0a supports users to edit the maps published by SuperGIS Server 3; users can read, add, edit the features and attributes and even synchronize the map files. Therefore, no matter field workers or personnel in offices, they can access the latest map data and improve working efficiency

Improved SuperPad Studio

From SuperPad 3, SuperPad Studio is contained in the product, and users can own it without paying extra fee. The new SuperPad Studio enables users to customize SuperPad 3 and develop the custom solutions to fit the company’s or user’s needs. SuperPad Studio consists of the object libraries of SuperGIS Mobile Engine, enabling developers to design the powerful functions fast in developing. Moreover, the easy, convenient, intuitive developing process facilitates developers to produce more useful codes to decrease the burden of coding.

Brand New Core Objects

SuperPad 3 is developed with SuperGIS Mobile Engine as the core, so SuperPad 3 can support all the mobile devices, supporting .NET CF 2.0 SP2 or higher, to decrease the incompatibility between software and hardware and to improve the extensibility of operating platform. Additionally, the highly flexible structure enables you to develop plentiful extensions to meet you needs and to enhance SuperPad’s applicability in different fields.

Multiple SuperPad Extensions

SuperPad 3 provides multiple built-in extensions, such as Sketch Tool, BirdView Tool, Network Tool, FixedZoom Tool, and so on. The samples of the original codes are included in the product. You can refer the samples to customize related functions and develop the functions in Visual Studio or text editor, like Notepad, with VB.NET or C# to meet your needs.