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SuperGIS Server

SuperGIS Server, a comprehensive and server-based GIS, is designed for giving the organizations the ability to create, manage, integrate and distribute a variety of GIS resources, such as maps, globes, geodatabases, tools, etc., over the Internet to support desktop, mobile and web applications. SuperGIS Server allows the organizations to infinitely share the most up-to-date GIS resources across an enterprise and across the Web.

SuperGIS Server effectively simplifies the process of accessing GIS services for GIS experts, field workers and workers without any GIS experience. With SuperGIS Server, the clients can significantly reduce the costs of data storage and purchasing software as well as the burden of data processing.

SuperGIS Server provides the organizations with a highly scalable GIS server platform. The organizations are allowed to add servers to build the appropriate server environment to share GIS resources for all business levels from small workgroups to the enterprises. The organizations can also deploy SuperGIS Server on Cloud infrastructure to improve their competitiveness.

With SuperGIS Server, you can:

Centrally manage a large quantity of geo data and image to reduce the costs of data
storage and enhance the security of data.
Integrate seamlessly the geographic information from different GIS servers to be
easy-to-use and intuitive GIS services.
Share your collection of geographic information over corporate intranet or Internet.
Extend the GIS technique to your mobile applications to boost the accuracy and
usability of field data collection.



SuperGIS Server provides you with a full range of GIS server capabilities that allow you to share the maps, imagery, data, and GIS tools with a wider group of users throughout a network of computers.You can choose from Value, Standard, or Advanced editions of SuperGIS Server.

Advanced Standard Value
Data Management Enables users to create, read, store and manage large spatial data in a DBMS, such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. V V V
GIS Web Services Supports numerous types of web services, such as map, image, globe, geoprocessing, KML, WFS, WCS, and WMS. V V V
Publishing to Clients Supports a broad range of clients, including SuperGIS Desktop, SuperPad, and browser-based applications. V V V
Web Application Functionality Provides a simple wizard to assist users in creating Web applications without programming experience. V V V
Web Editing Functionality Supports to edit map features and attributes stored in geodatabases in desktop applications, mobile applications and web applications. V V V
Application Developer Tools Provides a variety of APIs for JavaScript, Adobe Flex and Microsoft Silverlight for creating rich interactive applications. V V V
Image Processing Provides diverse on-the-fly image processing functions for creating multiple image products that can be consumed in desktop, mobile and web clients. V V
Mobile Application Developer Tools Provides tools to manage and deploy custom mobile GIS applications including a software developer kit (SDK). V V
Advanced Spatial Analysis Provides optional SuperGIS Server extensions to do complex geographical and statistical analyses. V
To publish the services, you need to utilize SuperGIS Desktop to create and design the map project file (SGD) first.