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Spatial Statistical Analyst

SuperGIS Spatial Statistical Analyst is a set of application software integrating geostatistical methods and GIS functions. Besides exploring of spatial data, query and demonstrating of attribute data, and the basic statistic capabilities, it also allows users to perform geostatistical analysis to obtain a better understanding about the variance and relativity of spatial data, to improve the GIS capabilities in assisting spatial decision analysis.
  • Basic spatial statistical analysis
  • Variogram and Krigings
  • Layer management


Basic Spatial Statistics Analysis
  • Enables users to compile basic statistics on the sample data (point layer), including the sample count, average, maximum, minimum, quartile, variance, standard deviation, skewness coefficient, variance coefficient, kurtosis coefficient and so on.
  • Enables users to review the distribution interval based on Divide and Interval.
  • Enables users to review the data distribution via three types of charts: Quantile, XY Distribution and Trend.
Variography and Krigings
  • Users can conduct covariance analysis and illustrate semivariograms.
  • Provides users with various models for model fitting, such as Spherical model, Exponential model and Gaussian model and so on.
  • Users can modify the parameters for Nugget, Sill and Range in the semivariogram.
  • Users can set up the parameters of searching direction by themselves, such as Angle direction, Angle tolerance, and Bandwidth, to analyze the variance of the data in different directions.
  • Various Krigings are provided:
    Universal Kriging
    Ordinary Kriging
    Simple Kriging
    Indicator Kriging
  • Cross validation is provided via the cross validation chart and the measured values, predicted values, and error values of the paired point data, through which the overall distribution of the estimated values can be reviewed.
  • Users can obtain a linear regression equation and a linear regression chart for the sample data via Cross Validation.
Manage Layers
  • Spatial statistics analyst provides layer manager tools that allow the adjustment of range and interval of the result values.
  • Enables layer display configurations using Grid, Filled contour or Contour.
  • Exporting the raster results as image files is supported.
  • Display raster with/without Hillshade.
  • Enables users to configure the sunlight location.
Support File Format
  • Vector files in GEO (SuperGeo GEO Format) and Shapefile formats are supported.
Spatial Statistical Analyst Geoconnect
Spatial Statistical Analyst Geoconnect
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