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Spectra Precision GL 722

Long Range Dual Grade Steep Slope Full Remote Controlled Functions

Trimble Spectra Precision’s innovative technology ensures higher accuracy than ever before over a variety of machine control and general construction applications. Plus, unique features help reduce beam drift errors and speed setup and grade changing to optimize worker and machine productivity. The advanced features of the GL722 dual axis grade steep slope transmitter with remote control quickly translate into productivity and accuracy. Complex alignments are automatic and virtually foolproof. 

The GL722 offers the most innovative collection of features ever available:

  • ·Long range full remote control
  • Planelok for stability and accuracy
  • ·Grade matching
  • ·Automatic axis alignment get to grade faster and with more accuracy
  • ·Grade range: +/-10% in the X axis; 0.5 to +25% in the Y axis
  • ·Accuracy up to 900m (3000ft) diameter

Long Range Full Remote Control – It only takes one person to accurately set up and operate the grade laser which means for the first time you can control all the transmitter functions from inside the cab of a machine. Even grade reverse is done in an instant.

PlaneLok – For applications that require maximum stability and accuracy, PlaneLok virtually eliminates beam drift by locking the laser beam to a fixed elevation. Simply set your handheld receiver at the desired elevation, select PlaneLok mode on the remote control and the laser beam will remain exactly at that elevation all day long, regardless of wind or temperature changes. This increased stability and accuracy means less rework, better material control, and a better bottom line.

Grade Match Mode allows you to match the laser to an existing slope. Simply set your receiver at the same height as the transmitter then after going to your remote point, press a button on the wireless remote to enable the transmitter to automatically match and display the grade without returning to the laser transmitter.

Automatic Axis Alignment up to 150 meters (500 feet) away. Allows simple alignment of either side of any grade axis to the desired remote point. This simple, one-person operation lets you roughly align the unit to within 40 degrees of the remote point. You can then go to your remote point and, with a simple button press on the wireless remote, the axis is automatically aligned. The remote provides immediate confirmation of the alignment. Automatic Axis Alignment simplifies setup and ensures repeatable accuracy.