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Spectra Precision Focus 6

Key Features:

•  2″ and 5″ angle accuracy
•  Accurate distances and stable angles
•  300 m Reflectorless measurement
•  Tough and reliable
•  On-board data collection
•  All-weather construction
•  Long battery life 
The Spectra Precision FOCUS 6 Total Station offers the clear-to-view quality optics, smart design and superior components your surveying jobs demand. The FOCUS 6 is a fast measuring device in both Prism (0.8 sec) and Reflectorless (1.0 sec*) modes for improving your day-today field operations.

For most construction and surveying applications the FOCUS 6 Total Station 2″ and/or 5″ accuracy is ideal. Coupled with its quality, you can be confident that you are achieving this level of accuracy with every measurement.
On a single battery, the FOCUS 6 provides full measurement every 30 seconds for 15+ hours. It’s tough, water resistant and will continue working no matter what the weather brings. The smart small design of the FOCUS 6 is convenient and portable for all applications.

The Spectra Precision FOCUS 6 has intuitive on-board software that is easy to use. Want to make your FOCUS 6 even more powerful? Instead of onboard data collection you can choose to use a Spectra Precision Ranger, Nomad, or Recon data collector powered by Survey Pro to maximize performance in the field.