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Push to Talk

Handheld Rugged Mobile Devices Certified by Mobile Tornado “Push to Talk” Instant Communications

Handheld Group, a rapidly growing manufacturer of rugged PDAs and mobile devices, announces Mobile Tornado instant talk, locate and alert certification on its range of mobile devices.

Handheld is pleased to announce that its Nautiz X3, Nautiz X5 and Nautiz X7 rugged PDAs and Algiz XRW rugged notebook have been certified for Mobile Tornado’s “Push to Talk” instant communications solution, providing an efficient mobile worker communication platform for users of Handheld rugged mobile devices.

Mobile Tornado solutions provide “push to talk” functionality for instant voice capability over wide and local area networks, reducing cellular voice charges. Additionally, they convert all field worker communication requirements into a single mobile device, eliminating the need for multiple instruments such as two-way radios and panic alert devices.

“Mobile Tornado is seen as an innovator of field workforce communications, and I am delighted that Handheld devices have been certified on their instant communication solution,” said Dave Cawsey, managing director at Handheld UK. “Today, addressing duty-of-care issues for companies employing remote workers is critical; the efficiency and cost savings of a rugged, durable Handheld PDA combined with the ability to talk directly to a head office, co-workers or dispatchers at the press of a button are significant.”

Jeremy Fenn, CEO of Mobile Tornado, commented: “Enterprises throughout the world are demanding ever-increasing efficiencies from their workforce. The availability of smarter devices with features such as GPS has allowed the development of sophisticated applications to enhance productivity within the workforce.” These tools allow greater flexibility and functionality than the traditional radio, mobile or PDA, he said.

“We believe that the combination of Handheld rugged mobile devices and Mobile Tornado’s IPRS platform delivers the answer in every respect, with a suite of products that is changing the face of workforce management. We have invested heavily in our technology and will continue to do so, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of this exciting and rapidly developing market,” Fenn concluded.