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ProMark Field

ProMark Field is a software program designed for generalpurpose land survey applications. ProMark Field runs on Windows Mobile 6.5.
ProMark Field allows you to determine positions of points with centimeter precision through one of two types of projects:

  • Post-processed Project: Centimeter-accurate positions for your surveyed points will be computed at the office by specific post-processing software (Ashtech GNSS Solutions) after raw data have been collected in the field.
  • Real-time RTK Project: Centimeter-accurate positions for your surveyed points are determined in real time using the data sent by a corrections provider to refine all positions computed from the received satellites.  This means a specific data link needs to be implemented for the acquisition of these corrections.  Additionally, you can stake out a list of points stored on the receiver as a job, possibly assisted by built-in voice guidance. (Alternately, the stakeout function can be used in all types of projects for navigation purposes.)  You can also determine a local coordinate system (3D grid) through the calibration function.

Whatever the type of project you choose, ProMark Field will always require that you first create a job:

  • A job is a file in csv format (a standard spreadsheet format).
  • When starting a new project, the job file may be either empty or holding a list of stakeout points (in that case, the job file is usually not created from scratch but downloaded from an office computer). As you progress in your project, a full description of each of the surveyed points (name, coordinates, solution status, PDOP, number of satellites used, etc.) will be saved to the job file. In a real-time RTK project, the coordinates of all the surveyed points saved to the job file will feature centimeter accuracy. In a post-processed project, they will only be meter accurate.  Points may be logged individually (static or stop & go surveying), or automatically along a line (trajectory) at a preset interval of time or distance (continuous kinematic surveying).  ProMark Field can host a background map showing all the useful details of your working area. Background maps should be in osm, bmp, gif, tif, jpg or jp2 format. They can be viewed on the map screen in the background.  Additionally, ProMark Field allows you to set the receiver as an RTK base, generating corrections data in one of the commonly used formats (RTCM, CMR, or ATOM). ProMark Field will allow you to configure the data link through which corrections will be delivered to users, based on the use of receiver’s built-in cellular modem, or using an external UHF radio transmitter.