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ProMark 100

ProMark 100 is the most versatile post-processing solution designed for easy and efficient land survey. Thanks to the embedded Ashtech BLADE technology, GPS and GLONASS signals tracking, as well as short occupation time, ProMark 100 delivers the best possible measurements, even in the very obstructed conditions. Combined with the intuitive ProMark Field software, ProMark 100 is an extremely attractive solution for any surveyor.

Featured highlights

  • Outstanding GPS & GLONASS performance
  • Extended productivity in obstructed conditions
  • Unpaired ease-of-use in the field
  • Versatile solution: post-processing, RTK, GIS




ProMark 100 is the most versatile post-processing solution designed for easy and efficient land survey. ProMark 100 solution includes the new Ashtech rugged GNSS receiver running Windows Mobile® 6.5 operating system, the new Ashtech ProMark Field software and the new Ashtech ASH-660 (L1 GPS/GLONASS) antenna.

Outstanding GPS & GLONASS Performance

Thanks to the embedded Ashtech BLADE technology as well as GPS and GLONASS signals tracking, ProMark 100 provides high-precision measurements even in very demanding or obstructed environments. Its exceptional post-processing performance and short occupation time deliver a very productive solution to the field crews.

Unpaired Ease-Of-Use

The very intuitive ProMark Field software is designed for simple and trouble-free use providing all necessary tools without any unnecessary or complicated features. Lightweight, but rugged and waterproof handheld design, all-day-long autonomy, and large memory make ProMark 100 a perfect solution for easy and efficient post-processing.

Versatile Solution

Designed as a scalable solution, ProMark 100 can be easily upgraded to such capabilities as GLONASS, RTK or GPRS and be used not only in post-processing but also in RTK or GIS applications. Built on the state-of the-art Windows Mobile 6.5 based platform with embedded wireless communications, ProMark 100 is a truly versatile and complete offering.   


  • Constellation :GPS/GLONASS/SBAS
  • Frequency :L1
  • Channels :45
  • Update Rate :0.05 sec
  • Data format :RTCM 3.1, ATOM, CMR(+), NMEA
  • Raw data output :Yes
  • Real-time Accuracy – RTK mode (HRMS) :1 cm
  • Real-time Accuracy – DGPS mode (HRMS) :< 30 cm
  • Real-time Accuracy – SBAS mode (HRMS) :< 50 cm
  • Post-Processed Accuracy (HRMS) :0.5 cm + 1 ppm
  • Time to first fix :15 sec
  • Initialization range :Up to 10 km
  • Processor :806 MHz
  • Operating system :Windows Mobile 6.5
  • Communications :GSM/GPRS, BT, WLAN
  • Unit size (mm / inches) :190x90x43mm / 7.5×3.5×1.7in
  • Weight :0.62 kg / 1.43 lb
  • Display :3.5
  • Memory :256 MB SDRAM, 2 GB NAND, SDHC
  • Temp Min (°C) :-20°C / -4°F
  • Temp Max (°C) :60°C / 140°F
  • Waterproof :IP 65
  • Shock & vibration :ETS300 019 / MIL-STD-810
  • Power (type – lifetime) :6600 mAh Li-Ion / > 8 hrs
  • Antenna Type :Internal / External
  • Firmware options :Yes
  • Software options :Yes

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