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ProFlex 500

ProFlex 500 is a powerful GPS+GLONASS positioning solution that delivers state-of-the-art RTK in a rugged, highly integrated receiver. Its innovative design makes it the ideal solution for onboard system integration – it can be mounted easily on a ship or a vehicle for sea or land operations – and it is also a perfect backpack rover or base station solution for onshore surveying.
Featured highlights

  • BLADE™ GNSS technology
  • Enhanced RTK accuracy
  • Built-in communications
  • Rugged design



Flexible Rugged High-Performance GNSS Receiver
Designed by our GNSS experts, the new ProFlexTM 500 is a powerful positioning solution that delivers state-of-the-art RTK in a rugged, highly integrated receiver design. Embedded BLADETM technology ensures powerful RTK performance and a patented way to use multiple GNSS constellations for high-accuracy positioning and surveying solutions. Available in single- and dual-frequency versions, ProFlex 500 delivers real-time precision ranging from the submeter to centimeter level, and is compatible to the previous renowned Aquarius and Sagitta series.

Rugged and Integrated Design
The ProFlex 500 offers a unique set of embedded communication features for maximum flexibility and resistance to bad weather. It contains completely integrated GSM, UHF and Bluetooth for wireless communications as well as Ethernet, RS-232/422 and USB connections. All output connections are optically isolated to prevent problems with installation in shipboard applications. Made to withstand harsh environments, its environmental characteristics include: 100% condensing humidity proof, salt mist resistant, shock and vibration resistant as defined in military standard MIL STD 810 F. The receiver has an extremely rugged aluminum housing and is IP67 rated.

Flexible Solution
Adaptable to most any specific positioning usage, the ProFlex 500 is the answer for users looking for a single GNSS receiver for multiple applications. It is for example, a perfect solution for the hydrography services and dredging companies performing both onshore and offshore RTK surveys. ProFlex 500 enables optimal equipment use and simpler deployment among survey crews.

High-end Performance
ProFlex 500 offers GPS+GLONASS+20 years of field-proven Magellan technologies. It is made to withstand harsh environments, and gives you maximum flexibility on sea and land.

  • Blade Technology InsideFast initialization and centimeter accuracy at long-range
  • Unique BLADE technology for full benefit of any available GLONASS corrections
  • Unique built-in communication features
  • Rugged design for demanding work environments
  • Advanced multi-path mitigation and robust signal tracking for maximum data reliability
  • Interoperability with any vendor’s reference station transmitting GPS+GLONASS L1/L2

Application Packages

GPS and UHF Marine Aerial Kits are available for the ProFlex 500 for easy installation onboard ships. Specifically designed for coastal works, dredging, bathymetry or offshore user needs, they include low-loss GPS or UHF cables (10 or 30 meters), UHF antenna and rugged mounting parts. Our BLADE long-range RTK capability combined with the dependable UHF expertise of Ashtech represents a unique offer for highly demanding marine survey applications.

Survey Backpack
This kit is the ideal package for using your ProFlex 500 in the field for surveying. they include a robust and comfortable water-resistant backpack specifically designed for ProFlex 500 and its accessories, a UHF pole and cable, a GPS cable with a smart quick-release system, a second Li-ion battery, a tape measure and our GNSS Solutions software for project and geoid management.

Base Station
With its built-in Ethernet capability, you may access your ProFlex 500 from any computer connected to the Internet. You will be able to control and monitor your equipment and to stream data like you would do with a serial port. With its capability for instant real-time multi-data streaming over Ethernet, you may build your own RTK corrections server without any additional software or equipment. It enables surveyors to have an efficient alternative to RTK networks (public or private).


Product specifications

  • Constellation :GPS/GLONASS/SBAS
  • Channels :75
  • Frequency :L1, L2
  • Update Rate :up to 20Hz
  • Data format :RTCM 2.3/3.1, CMR/CMR+, ATOM, DBEN, LRK, NMEA, NTRIP, VRS, FKP, MAC
  • Raw data output :Yes
  • Real-time Accuracy – RTK mode (HRMS) :1 cm
  • Real-time Accuracy – DGPS mode (HRMS) :< 30 cm
  • Real-time Accuracy – SBAS mode (HRMS) :< 50 cm
  • Post-Processed Accuracy (HRMS) :0.3 cm + 0.5 ppm
  • Time to first fix :Instant-RTK Initialization: Typically 2-second initialization for baselines < 20 km
  • Initialization range :> 40 km
  • Communications :Internal UHF, GSM/GPRS, BT, Ethernet
  • Unit size (mm / inches) :215x200x76 mm / 8.46×7.87×2.99 in
  • Weight :from 2.1 kg (4.6 lb)
  • Display :OLED
  • Memory :128 MB expandable through USB sticks or external hard drives
  • Temp Min (°C) :-30
  • Temp Max (°C) :+65
  • Waterproof :IP67
  • Shock & vibration :MIL-STD 810F
  • Power (type – lifetime) :Li-ion battery, 32.5Wh (7.4Vx4.4Ah). Acts as a UPS
  • Antenna Type :External
  • Firmware options :Yes

More information

I/O Interfaces:

–          USB 2.0 host and device,

–          1 RS232/R422 + 2 RS232,

–          1 PPS output + event marker input,

–          External clock reference input and earth terminal,

–          12V/0.5A (1A peak) output available on serial port A.

–          All signals available are optically isolated from receiver’s internal circuitry (except USB)

Power Characteristics:

–          Li-ion battery, 32.5Wh (7.4Vx4.4Ah). Acts as a UPS in case of a power source outage

–          Battery life time: > 6.5hrs @ 20 ºC (68°F)

–          9-36 VDC input

–          Typical power consumption with GNSS antenna: < 5W

Embedded NTRIP Caster:

–          Firmware option

–          Up to 10 mounts points

–          Up to 100 clients

GPS L5 and Galileo upgradeable

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