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MobileMapper Field

MobileMapper Field and Office Software 

Complete solution:
The Ashtech MobileMapper software suite includes all GIS features that professionals really need without the burden of complicated and rarely used functions. It also provides a direct interface to external sensors such as range laser finders.

Versatile application:
MobileMapper Field is the perfect solution for GIS data collection, asset management, area measurements, maps creation and update.

Easy to learn, Easy to use:
Ashtech software is very intuitive, requiring a minimum of user training. It enables rapid deployment across the workforce for large scale GIS data collection or maintenance.

MobileMapper Field and MobileMapper Office are two complementary software programs designed for general purpose GIS mobile applications.
MobileMapper Field is the field program running on Windows
Mobile 6.0 (MobileMapper 6) or 6.5 (MobileMapper 100).
MobileMapper Field allows you to:
  • Log features in the field and enter their attributes
  • Revisit features and update their attributes
  • Define new categories of features (i.e. layers) and assign as many types of attributes as necessary for future projects.
  • View background maps to help you more easily spot features in the field.
  • Collect raw data in the background to enhance the accuracy of the collected positions at the office. This requires the purchase of the Post-processing option for MobileMapper Field, as well as the exclusive use of MobileMapper Office to later process your field data.
MobileMapper Office is dedicated to office work, in coordination with, and support of MobileMapper Field.
MobileMapper Office allows you to:
  • View the data collected in the field in a more convenient way than in the field.
  • Automatically search for the reference raw data that match your field raw data and download them to your computer.
  • Post-process the reference and field raw data to determine more accurate positions for all your features.
  • Perform quality tests on the post-processing
  • Display background maps
  • Create new categories of layers for future projects
  • View your features on Google Earth
  • Export data to standard formats (csv, kml).