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MapCite for Excel

It is estimated there are approaching 1 billion Excel®™ users globally. It is acknowledged that 80% of the data, in Excel®™, has a geographical dimension. MapCite for Excel®™ enables you to visualize your Excel®™ Spreadsheets on a map enabling the understanding of the “where” factors in your data. Take your data, turn it into information and then visualize it.


MapCite’s Microsoft®™ Excel®™ AddIn has been developed to enable the vast number of Excel users worldwide to visualize the “where” factor in their data.  Imagine having the power to derive map visualisations with accurate, reliable and easy to use mapping tools!

MapCite is downloaded in seconds as a AddIn for your existing Microsoft®™ Excel®™ installation (Office 2007 onwards).


  • MapCite for Excel®™ integrates fully as a toolbar icon in Excel®™
  • Select single or multiples worksheets to visualise on your map
  • View data as icons or clusters
  • Heatmap your data visualisations, with variable intensity and size
  • Geocode your data on the fly within Excel®™
  • Customise your icons
  • View multiple datasets in a single view
  • Draw around pins and extract data into a separate worksheet
  • Compare extracts from varying geo locations
  • View map visualisations next to charting visuals
  • Upload direct to Business Intelligence toolkits


Enabling users to consume data visually is one of mapping’s greatest assets and heat mapping tools pick up where many analytics services leave off – highlighting quickly and easily the hot (and cold) spots of your business. Imagine the power of combining those elements, with the data you have in Excel®™, without ever having to leave your worksheet! This adds a brand new dimension to your Business Intelligence toolkit, without the need for complex additional software.

The heatmapped data can be switched back to icon based data with the click of a mouse. The icon data can then be viewed as clusters or as separated pin icons. Multiple datasets from the same workbook can be visualized on the map simultaneously and displayed with differing pin colours or icons.

The ability to layer disparate sets of data, one over the other, gives a completely different view of your data. Imagine visualising your customers against your suppliers, where your staff live and where they work, your assets and your offices. All done without leaving Excel®™.