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GeoMax Zone 20H Horizontal Laser

The GEOMAX ZONE 20 H rotating laser level is an entry level, solidly built, economical choice that offers a straight forward interface for the user. All the functions required for flexible, regular use can be found with this unit.

The laser is a visible beam laser. It is self-levelling in the horizontal plane. Slopes can be manually set in dual axis.


Functionality: Self-levelling horizontal & manual slope in dual axis

Head Protection: Fully enclosed

Operating Range: 900 metre / 3000 feet diameter

Self-levelling Accuracy: +/- 2.2mm at 30m (+/- 3/32″ at 100 feet)

Self levelling Range: +/- 6 degrees

Rotation Speed: 600 rpm

Laser Diode Type / Class: 635 nm (visible) / Class 1

Batteries: 4 D-cell alkaline / Li-ion

Battery Life: > 40 hours

Operating Temperature: -10 degrees C to 50 degrees C

Storage Temperature: -30 degrees C to 70 degrees C

Environmental Standard: IP67 rated