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Geomax X-Pad for Android

XPad_AndroidThe first, the most advanced.
X-PAD for Android presents a new way of working, based on the most evolved and technologically advanced platform for mobile devices. For the first time software designed for topographic survey and stakeout in the field is available on Android, and with a wide range of user-friendly features. Used in conjunction with GeoMax instrumentation, X-PAD for Android will change your way of working forever.

The controller? It’s up to you.
X-PAD for Android can be supplied with a rugged tablet, featuring a 7″ touch screen with the breadth and brightness to give the display instant clarity, so you can view the data quickly and with minimum effort in all conditions. Or you can also opt to use the X-PAD on your existing tablet or smartphone. It all adds up to maximum flexibility for you, the user.


  • Easyness & Usability
  • Big buttons & texts
  • Black & White for max contrast
  • Sounds & Vocal messages
  • Photos & Sketches
  • 5Hz stakeout
  • Vocal guidance
  • CAD system
  • Drawing in Augmented Reality
  • Stakeout in Augmented Reality
  • You can see what it is under the terrain (pipes, cables, …)
  • Points sharing with SMS, MMS, E-mail, …
  • Meteo Info

Why X-PAD Android?

  • Million of devices worldwide
  • Sales formula “use your tablet or smartphone”
  • Publish demo version on Google Play
  • Publish a “lite” version on Google Play
  • App have special features very difficult to have in WinMobile
  • Interest around Android world