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Instrument and GPS Support

Instrument and GPS Support
Instrument SelectionFieldGenius has a central location to access settings for your Total Station and GPS equipment.Easy to use menus help you configure your equipment easily without any guess work.Not sure which settings to use?

Just press the Help button for access to our comprehensive on-board help system.

Total Station and GPS ToolbarsWhen connected to a total station you will have easy access to all your options for your instrument. These options appear on the instrument toolbar which is currently displayed on the right hand side of the screen.On this toolbar, you can change your instrument settings, target height and measurement modes.GPS Movies here.
Similar to the total station toolbar, once you’re connected to a GPS receiver you will see a toolbar with GPS related options.The GPS toolbar displays to you the current satellite status, sky plot, PDOP values and more.
Advanced instrument control ensures that you’re maximizing your productivity by using advanced features on your instrument.(Image from Tracker while connected to Leica Robotic Instrument. This allows you to check the instrument for level while at the pole)Robotic Movies here…