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Dual Frequency Sonde

This dual frequency compact Sonde can be used to trace drains, sewers and other non-conductive utilities. It acts like a signal transmitter and can be attached to a range of equipment including drain rods, boring tools and inspection cameras.


Once attached to a rod (or similar) the Sonde can be inserted and pushed along the utility under investigation. Using an EZiCAT cable locator to locate it on the surface, you can trace pipes which do not produce their own signal and which you are unable to apply a signal to (i.e. plastic pipe). The Sonde operates in both 8kHz and 33kHz modes and flashes a different colour depending on what mode it’s in, making it simple and easy to use.

The dual frequency Sonde is ideal for:

Tracing the path of a pipe or drain Locating blockages or collapses in drains Locating or tracing non-metallic pipes that don’t produce a signal. The depth range of the Sonde is up to 5 metres. Please Note: You will need to use a cable locator that has depth estimation on to get a depth reading.