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Asset Monitoring

An Enterprise Grade solution for Remote Asset monitoring:

  •      Make sure you know as soon as planned or unplanned events happen at your remote sites.
  •      E-mail and SMS notification of alarm events such as “Door opened” or  “Pump off”, when and to where you need them.
  •      Respond quickly to remote events to minimise loss or damage.
  •      Minimise time wasted checking sites where there are no problems.
  •      Effective Group Management provides simpler management and better visibility of large fleets or assets.
  •      Constant end to end network monitoring ensures greater availability of the entire tracking service.
  •      Get lat/long AND nearest street address notifications for all alert notifications

From tanks and reservoirs to remote storage facilities, pumps and pipelines, monitor your remote fixed assets to ensure unauthorised or unexpected activity is visible and acted on quickly. Minimise your losses and improve your operational efficiency by focusing on where the problems are.

Know when your water level goes too low, or the door has been opened at your remote storage site. With improved visibility of the location and status of your assets you can ensure you deploy the closest, most suitable response as soon as problems occur.

With TracerTrak’s satellite based solutions, being out of cellular range doesn’t mean being out of touch. TracerTrak can provide asset location data and alarm information from the most remote locations, while long life battery solutions can provide many years of service with no need for external power supply or installation.