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ADL Uplink

ADL Uplink

The ADL Uplink combines a ruggedized handheld computer with a soft ware program that automatically downloads Internet-based RTK corrections and streams them to a radio for rebroadcast into areas of poor cell coverage. Positioning the ADL Uplink on the edge of Internet access allows you to continue surveying in cellular shadow zones caused by topography, buildings or interference where poor signal strength normally makes using Internet-based RTK services impossible.

You configure the ADL Uplink to connect to your RTK correction service either through the GSM/GPRS or Wi-Fi modem. The ADL Uplink provides the service with its GPS coordinates or with the manually input coordinates of the rover GPS receiver. When the corrections are generated, the ADL Uplink streams them to a radio for broadcasting to the rover. Reconnection in the event of a dropped call is automatic.

The ADL Uplink is the most reliable way to extend the range and improve the reliability of Internet-based RTK corrections.

Key Features

  • Rugged handheld computer
  • ADL Uplink software
  • Multiple connectivity
  • High Environmental Capabilities