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Vehicle Safety Whip (BMA Mining Flag)

These flexible white fiberglass whips are available in 1.5m, 2m, and 2.4m lengths and include a heavy duty orange flag and mounting base for vehicle attachment. Various interchangeable lighting and mounting options are available as accessories. The optional ultra heavy duty spring is engineered to provide firm vertical support to the whip at higher vehicle speeds than standard spring mounts.

Whips can be ordered completely assembled, with or without spring and lamp, and ready for installation.


  • Available in 1.5m, 2m, 2.4m lengths.
  • Three flag colours available.
  • Split Pole design allows you to break whip down into two shorter pieces for easier handling and storage
  • Easily add or remove whips with our Quick Disconnect System.
  • Optional ultra heavy duty spring provides increased vertical support at higher speeds.
  • Interchangeable light options.
  • Order completely assembled and ready for installation.