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SuperGIS Mobile Engine 3

SuperGIS Mobile Engine 3 is a mobile GIS SDK. With the high flexible development structure, nearly 100 out-of-the-box toolbar buttons and development sample instruction, you can develop intuitive and ideal mobile GIS applications effortlessly to improve your work efficiency. Then, SuperGIS Mobile Engine allows you to deploy applications on a large scale with lower cost to maximize the field worker’s productivity.

Additionally, you can only create GIS tools and embed them into the existing mobile application, saving the great budget for purchase of powerful functioned but low practical mobile GIS software.

Easy-to-use SuperGIS Mobile Application enables field staff who do not necessarily have any GIS experience to:

  •                                 View and navigate map
  •                                 Collect and edit spatial data
  •                                 Query and manage GIS data
  •                                 Integrate GPS functions


SuperGIS Mobile Engine 3.0 is a mobile GIS SDK containing an out-of-the-box application, SuperGIS Mobile Application.SuperGIS Mobile Engine lets developers easily create GIS-focused applications or GIS tools to satisfy users’ needs.Economical Application DeploymentSuperGIS Mobile Engine can help organizations to deploy the applications on a large scale with the lowest cost, saving the development cost efficiently and improving the survey performance.Abundant Controls and toolbar buttonsSuperGIS Mobile Engine has more than 100 controls and 80 toolbar buttons, allowing you to develop exclusive applications. Moreover, in terms of development design in SuperGIS Mobile Engine, a convenient workflow is provided for developers to rapidly create the intuitive application integrated with GPS positioning and various standard GIS tools. As a result, the surveyors can collect the latest and accurate data.

Available for Various Hardware

SuperGIS Mobile Engine lets you easily deploy out-of-the-box applications for mobile devices supporting Microsoft® .NET CF, such as Smartphone, Pocket PC, Tablet PC. It can greatly reduce the incompatible problem occurred in hardware and software and increase field productivity.

Out-of-the-box SuperGIS Mobile Application

SuperGIS Mobile Engine comes with an out-of-the-box SuperGIS Mobile Application. The configurable out-of-the-box SuperGIS Mobile Application allows you to easily deploy to any mobile device supporting Microsoft® .NET CF for field survey. SuperGIS Mobile Application can also be used as a foundation to develop applications with value-added functions instead of developing a brand new application from zero, reducing the development time. With this easy-to-use SuperGIS Mobile Engine application, you can:

  •                                 View and navigate map to obtain the spatial data correctly.
  •                                 Collect, edit and update new or existing GIS data.
  •                                 Utilize GPS position to improve field efficiency.
  •                                 Query and manage the various GIS data to perform the current or future tasks.