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Biodiversity Analyst

SuperGIS Biodiversity Analyst integrates the GIS properties of exploring, displaying, querying, and analyzing spatial and attributes data and the biodiversity properties of species richness, diversity and evenness. More, it contains hundreds of landscape index operations so that users can realize the ecological meaning of each index and obtain a more detailed analysis result through displaying them on GIS.


Biodiversity Analysis
  • Supports the importing of sample files in vector format to act as the sample area for biodiversity analysis, such as a grid region or the administrative border for town, county, city and so on.
  • Displays the biodiversity analysis results in point or polygon layers.
  • Users can enter conditions to select the data for analysis using SQL.
  • Users can select the required biodiversity indices for the analysis from the three main categories of Richness, Evenness and Diversity, among which more than ten indexes are provided:
    Richness: Richness,Margalef and Menhinick
    Evenness: Pielou
    Diversity: Shannon-Wiener, Simpson(D), Simpson(1-D), Simpson(1/D),
    Mcintosh’s, Hill, Eveness and Berger
  • Users can illustrate and export density analysis charts using the analysis results of the selected index, through which the trend in the sample area can be obtained.
  • Exporting density charts by the Mask method can present the density difference only within the sample area.
Landscape Analysis
  • Hundreds of landscape index formulas are supported, they can be divided into eight categories as below:
    Core Area
  • The indices of Landscape analysis results can be divided into Patch, Class and Landscape.
  • Landscape analysis results can be exported and saved as CSV file format.
  • Image classification of data result is supported.
Support File Format
  • Vector files in GEO (SuperGeo GEO Format) and Shapefile formats are supported.