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GeoMax Total Station Zoom20 Pro Series

GeoMax_Zoom20ProThe GeoMax Zoom20 Pro Manual Total Station includes an environmentally protected USB port that allows fast, simple and reliable data transfer between the instrument and your PC or even to other Total Stations. Together with an extra large high-resolution display that features easy-to-use graphical displays that make regular tasks like stake-out easier and more productive than ever before.

Zoom20 Pro
Distance Measurement on
Zoom20 Pro
Distance Measurement on
Reflector and 250 m reflectorless*
Zoom20 Pro
Distance Measurement on
Reflector and 400 m reflectorless*


Angle measurements
Accuracy 2” (0.6 mgon), 3” (0.9 mgon),
5” (1.5 mgon), 7” (2 mgon)
Display resolution 1” (0.1 mgon)
Method Absolute, continuous, diametrical
Compensation Quadruple axis
Distance measurements
Prism 3,500 m / 2 mm + 2 ppm
Reflectorless 3 mm + 2 ppm
Physical specifications
Weight 5.1 kg (incl. battery & tribrach)
Operating temp. – 30°C to 50°C**
Protection class IP54 dust- and waterproof
Humidity 95 %, non-condensing
Keyboard Full alphanumeric
Display High resolution (280 x 160 pixel),
8 lines x 30 characters, illuminated
Data recording Internal memory 10,000 pts
(incl. measurements, coordinates &
Interface USB, serial & external power
Removable memory USB memory stick
Power supply
Internal battery Removable Li-Ion 4.4 Ah / 7.4 V
Operating time 36 h (continous angle),
9 hours (continous distance
measurement every 30s)
Type Laser point, adjustable brightness
Accuracy 1.5 mm at 1.5 m instrument height
Operating system
Windows® Embedded CE


* Optimal conditions to Koday Grey Card (90 % reflectivity)
** Optional tested polar version, standard – 20°C to 50°C
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