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Powerful Road Module

Powerful Road Module
Manual Entry of your alignment data

Entering your centerline data is easy with FieldGenius. Simply add new elements using the Add element command.

Easy to use element editors will help you enter your information.

Graphical views are always displayed to help you visually validate your entries.

Advanced Roading Movies…

Defining your template is easy. FieldGenius graphically displays your template as you enter your information so you’re always certain that you didn’t make a mistake.

Advanced template editing allows you to specify template widening, template transitions, as well as enter superelevation data.

FieldGenius supports vertical grade breaks, as well as symmetrical and un-symmetrical parabolic curves.

At any time you can do a station check to determine an elevation at any station.

Furthermore, you can have FieldGenius compute the High / Low points along your vertical profile.

Staking your alignment data

Once you’ve defined your alignment data you’re ready to stake it.

The screen will help you select your Stake Alignment points along the template and will display to you all the pertinent information that you need such as offsets, stations and elevation.

Zoom controls help you zoom and pan in the template view to help you with complex templates.

When you continue on to staking a point along the alignment you will have all the information you need to help you locate the stake point.

Information is displayed telling you what your current station and offset is in relation to the design point you’re trying to stake.

Advanced options are available to you during alignment stakeouts.

The profile view is a great tool when slope staking. Easily see where you are in relation to the cut or fill slope from the hinge point.

When you store your stake position, you will see the results of your stakeout.